Seterra esiste dal 1998, è tradotto in 30 lingue differenti ed è amato da gente di tutto il mondo. Scoprite di più su cosa si dice di Seterra!

Outstanding content and a straightforward interface make Seterra an oddly compelling geography-quiz program. You can test your knowledge of world cities, capital cities, countries, geographical features, and flags. Most quiz types are broken out by region, such as Australia and Northern Africa. The game gives you a number of chances to guess, color-coding the correct answer by how many times you picked wrong. After three wrong guesses, the correct answer lights up green; when you click it, it turns red. This creates an easy visual representation of which areas you need to study more.

The high-score tables provide a subtle but effective spur to learn. We had only two small quibbles: we would have liked a desktop icon option, and sometimes the place names overlap and obscure nearby location dots. Anyone interested in learning more about our world, especially students, can get sucked into Seterra’s spell.”

Students love Seterra! By the end of the school year nearly all 140+ of my students could correctly find and name every country in the world on a blank map, something they all took great pride in. They thought Seterra was great fun and had a blast racing to finish a quiz. The best learning is when something is fun, and this fits the bill. I can’t say it enough; Kids and adults love Seterra!

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Just have to say that Seterra is probably the greatest Geography learning tool of all time. My 9th grade daughter decided to try it last summer in 2 days she was able to do every country in the world, and she had fun doing it. AMAZING! This year I have my whole homeschool group practicing Seterra at home and then ha…ving playoffs at my house every week. Thank you Seterra!

Heidi Darwood Durrett

I have learned all the countries & capitals of the world! I love knowing where a certain place or capital is when I hear about it in the news. You can go at your own pace & learn a continenet at a time or the whole world if you want. Plus, I go back to freshen up my skills constantly. It’s a fun game I like to play regularly (like other computer games) yet I feel it’s more relevant & beneficial than solitaire 🙂

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Seterra is perfect for home-schooling! My daughter begs me to let her have geography lessons, not because of her other geography activities, but only because she gets to play Seterra at the end. After a few months of occasional use, she’s already very …good at geography for being only 5. I’m looking forward to her becoming an expert.

Greta Elisif Hoostal