Using the free map quiz game Seterra, you can learn the geography of Europe, the locations of the US states and state capitals, the provinces of China, the countries and capitals of Africa, South America and Asia, and the locations of mountains, volcanoes and much more.

Seterra includes both map exercises, flag exercises and quiz exercises, making it fun and easy to learn. Each activity has a high score list to keep track of your progress.

This is the complete list of exercises in Seterra 4.00

Europe: Countries
Europe: Capitals
Europe: Cities
Europe: Capital Quiz
Eastern Europe: Flags
Western Europe: Flags
Austria: States
Benelux: Cities
Denmark: Cities
Denmark: Counties
Finland: Cities
Finland: Regions
France: Cities
France: Regions
Germany: Bundesländer
Germany: Cities
Great Britain: Cities
Italy: Cities
Italy: Regions
Norway: Cities
Norway: Counties
Poland: Provinces
Portugal : Districts
Portugal: Cities
Romania: Counties
Scandinavia: Countries
Spain : Autonomous Communities
Spain : Autonomous Communities, Capitals
Spain : Provinces, Capitals
Sweden: Cities
Sweden: Cities in Central Sweden
Sweden: Cities in Central Sweden (difficult version)
Sweden: Cities in Northern Sweden
Sweden: Cities in Northern Sweden (difficult version)
Sweden: Cities in Southern Sweden
Sweden: Cities in Southern Sweden (difficult version)
Sweden: Provinces
Switzerland and Austria: Cities
Switzerland: Cantons
The Netherlands: Provinces

North and Central America: Countries
North and Central America: Cities
North and Central America: Capital Quiz
North and Central America. Flags
Canada: Cities
Canada: Provinces and territories
Mexico: Cities
Mexico: States
The U.S.: Cities
The U.S.: Cities in the Midwest
The U.S.: Cities in the Northeast
The U.S.: Cities in the South
The U.S.: Cities in the West
The U.S.: Large Cities
The U.S.: State Capital Quiz
The U.S.: State Capitals
The U.S.: States
The U.S.: States in the Midwest and the West
The U.S.: States in the South and the Northeast

South America: Countries
South America: Capitals
South America: Capital Quiz
South America: Flags
Argentina: Provinces
Brazil: States

Africa: Countries
Africa: Capitals
Africa: Capital Quiz
Africa: Flags
Africa North Of the Equator: Countries
Africa South Of the Equator: Countries
Central Africa: Capitals
Central Africa: Countries
Eastern Africa: Capitals
Eastern Africa: Countries
Northern Africa: Capitals
Northern Africa: Countries
Southern Africa: Capitals
Southern Africa: Countries
Western Africa: Capitals
Western Africa: Countries
South Africa: Cities
South Africa: Provinces

South East Asia: Cities
South East Asia: Countries
The Former Soviet Union: Countries
The Middle East: Countries
Asia: Countries
Asia: Capitals
Asia: Cities
Asia: Capital Quiz
Asia: Flags
China: Province Capital Quiz
China: Province Capitals
China: Provinces
China: Provinces (in Chinese)
India: States and Union Territories
Japan: Regions

Australia: Surrounding Countries
Australia: States and Territories
Australia and New Zealand: Cities

Parts of the World
Large Countries
The World’s 25 Largest Cities
World: Mountains and Volcanos
World: Flags
World: Flags (difficult version)

A quiz on the countries of South America