If you want to hard-code the language Seterra uses at start-up, e.g. in a network environment, you can do this via a command line argument in version 4.02.21 or later.

For example:

“C:\Program Files\Seterra\Seterra.exe” /lang=sv

will force Seterra to always start in Swedish. The following language abbreviations are available:

sq Albanian
zh Chinese (simplified)
da Danish
nl Dutch
en English
fr French
de German
el Greek
it Italian
lt Lithuanian
nb Norwegian
pl Polish
pt Portuguese (Brazil)
ro Romanian
es Spanish
sv Swedish
sr Serbian
tr Turkish

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  1. And if you want to distribute seterra to many computers a script with seterra.exe /silent /lang=(what language you want) will work. Like: seterra.exe /silent /lang=sv.

    Then you won’t need to change the shortcuts if you want just one specific language.


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