There is now an early beta version of the online, HTML5 version of Seterra available:

Any feedback is appreciated! The online version does not support all features  that the Windows version has, e.g. it does not run in full screen mode, has no high score lists and it is not possible to zoom and pan the map. But it works on all platforms, including Mac! It even works on iPhones and Ipad, although not perfectly.


  1. I’m an old man who wants to download a current copy of Seterra 4. Thanks. Don Jones

  2. Please, please, please… will you ever consider to develop the software for Mac computers???? I’ve changed from PC to Mac some time ago and still miss (a lot!!!!) Seterra in my own laptop. I used to spend so much time with it and loved it!
    I know you have this version of Seterra Online but Internet is not always available where I live.
    Please… just think about it… I can tell you many people would be infinitely grateful to you!
    Thanks anyway for all the hours of learning and enjoyment you already provided me in the past!

  3. On my 1366X768 netbook the bottom portion of each window is cut off and I can’t access some of the longer menus by enlarging or dragging window corners. Is there a fix for this?

    Great program, and thanks!

  4. Opps- I was talking about the download version!

  5. Please develop the software for Mac.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. I can’t play seterra online in my ipad because after “loading map” safari crashed. Could you help me? Could I have something installing wrong?
    I have an ipad with jailbreak

  7. I would pay $1-2 for a fully-functional version of Seterra for my DroidX. Most of my basic political geography knowledge is thanks to Seterra, and I would like to keep up the practice in a “handy” way.

  8. Hello…my family LOVES Seterra. We homeschool and encorporate Settera in to fun time as well as school time. The only thing that would make it better would be to have Settera on my Kindle (droid) and on my girls tablets (also droid). Do you have any plans to do a Droid app? I would so very gladly pay for it!!!!!! We travel a lot and time in our vehicle would be a lot more fun if we could play this!!!!

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